Space Station 76 - Donna’s shopping catalogue illustrations

I’ve been waiting to share these since last December! Director Jack Plotnick commissioned these illustrations for a sight gag scene in which one of the characters shops for a new dress via a viewfinder- because that’s how we do it in the future.

Space Station 76 is a retro sci fi comedy in the vein of Space 1999, starring Liv Tyler, Matt Bomer,and Patrick Wilson. It was clever and funny, with awesome production design. The cast is excellent, and the writing is sharp! If you get a chance to screen it in theaters, do it. Otherwise it will be available on iTunes on September 23rd!

This was my first film credit, and I couldn’t be more proud. This was one of those rare projects in which I got asked to do something that lined up perfectly with my own interests, and it was just a lot of fun!